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5 stars 5
After such a positive experience having my lens replaced, I don't know why it took me so long!! The process was painless and not nearly as terrifying as I had thought it would be. The staff were very helpful, took time to walk through any questions or hesitations I had. When it came to the time for the procedure, I was very much at ease and within minutes after the procedure I was reading without my glasses or contact lens.Two months later things have only improved. I would highly recommend Herzig!
5 stars 5
Dr. Herzig and his team are incredible. I had the SMILE procedure done and it was smooth from start to finish. Thank you!
5 stars 5
I have worn very thick glasses for approximately 48 years. When I was referred to the Herzig Eye Institute, I was unsure that my vision could be corrected. Sophia, Refractive Practice Manager, was a pleasure to deal with. Since I was traveling from out of town - she made sure all my appointments were coordinated for my consulation. My surgery was September 25 and 26 2018, Dr. Herzig performed intraoccular lens replacement on both eyes. My recovery went smoothly without a hint of itchy eyes or dryness. When I followed up with my optometrist one month after surgery, he was amazed that I have 20:20 vision. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Dr. Herzig. You are a godsend and your staff is amazing. Thank you for giving me a life with out glassess.J.B. Thunder Bay Ontario.
5 stars 5
Amazing office with knowledgeable, caring staff!I had looked for a solution to my vision problems since 2004. I have severe myopia with astigmatism and irregular corneas. Due to this I knew my options for vision correction was limited to clinics with experience in advanced vision correction procedures. In my search I have visited multiple clinics in multiple countries, and I was most impressed with my experience at the Herzig Eye Institute. Herzig Eye was the most prompt at answering my calls and e-mails. Even the staff members that initially answered my call was knowledgeable about the ICL procedure I was inquiring about.I had done extensive personal research on the ICL procedure prior to my consultation, and was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Herzig was thorough in his explanation of my vision correction options, and very honest about the risks involved with my unique vision concerns. He did not pressure me into surgery which other clinics had tried.I work in an operating room and I'm required to work with delicate instruments and sutures under harsh lighting. Due to this I was nervous to schedule the procedure for both my eyes on the same day. Sophia, which was my case manager, worked with my schedule, and found dates that I was comfortable with. She was always prompt to answer my questions, and was helpful with navigating my international payment for the procedure. Her professionalism also helped ease some of my anxiety.On the day of my procedure everyone made sure I was calm and relaxed. They double checked my information, provided comforting words, and even gave me relaxing hand message. The operating room staff was friendly and efficient. Dr. Herzig was able to implant my lenses without any difficulty.Herzig Eye Institute was thorough during my post op eye exam. It felt like they truly cared about my vision quality. As I'm from the US they have been working with my ophthalmologist for continued post op care. Sophia even personally checked in with me recently to see how I'm doing.I was someone who thought I would need uncomfortable contact lenses or glasses for the rest of my life. Now I can see better than 20/20 with no discomfort. Thank you Herzig Eye for your personal, professional care!1 MONTH UPDATE: I'm better than 20/20 with no night time glare, no halos, and no central port light rings. My night time visions has actually improved compared to glasses or contact lenses. Great place to have ICL!
5 stars 5
This procedure is life changing. Dr. Herzig and his team are fast and efficient. Yes its expensive, but these are your eyes at the end of the day, so don't cheap out! Thank you so much for taking great care of me.