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150 Bloor St W Suite #210,
Toronto, ON M5S 2X9

5 stars 5
Had SMILE in the spring of 2019 and was the best decision I ever made. Kudos to the entire team that made the process easy and painless. Love my 20/20 vision!
5 stars 5
Very pleased with my experience at Herzig Eye Institute. Everything was explained thoroughly and all questions were answered fully.I was anxious about the procedure but because of the professionalism of the staff and how well things were explained even during the procedure I found it to be very stress-free.
5 stars 5
This is more a review of the service I didn't receive. I went in for a free consultation and they doctor told me he didn't think I should risk getting the procedure. This is important because I'd had a consultation with another laser eye place and they didn't mention there would be any risk. Always respect businesses that place principles before profits.
5 stars 5
Had my SMILE procedure done at this place about two weeks ago. Overall the process was quick and painless. Dr. Herzig was very friendly and calming. I went to many other clinics for consultation and ultimately chose Herzig were due to surgeons experience and the overall professionalism of the clinic. This the only place I went to had optometrist conduct pre-op exam. This is also the only clinic that identified some concerns with my cornea and referred my file to surgeon for second opinion which ultimately recommended SMILE instead of LASIK. They certainly earned my trust and ultimately earned my business. Im happy with the outcome of my surgery and couldnt be happier that I can see 20/20 in 2020! My eyes are still healing and as time goes on, my night vision is constantly improving. Dry eye is a real issue following the surgery but with some lubricant eye drops it is manageable and does get better as eyes continue to heal. One side effect the clinic did not tell me is... after the surgery I kept on adjusting my invisible glasses due to force of habit! Clearly my brain thinks Im still wearing glasses because I can see everything 🙂
5 stars 5
I felt nervous going in for my procedure but the staff and doctors were outstanding. I'd recommend to anyone looking at refractive lens exchange procedure. Great reputation... amazing eye institute.