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5 stars 5
I did SMILE with Dr. Herzig in early 2019 for 5500+. The pre-surgery exam was carefully done by other staff there, and Dr. Herzig also examined my eyes in person before the surgery. I got the phone call from the clinic a few days before the surgery reminding me to stop wearing contact lens for the surgery, which is very thoughtful.The procedure was smooth and quick. Dr. Herzig guided me through the entire process patiently. I didnt feel any discomfort during the surgery. When the laser was working on my eye, the vision of that eye was gradually fully covered by fogginess, so I knew the surgery was in process.After the surgery, I got some fogginess in my eyes and couldnt see things clearly for a night. It was good that I booked my surgery in the late afternoon as I could just take the pills from the clinic and go to bed without struggling with my sight. The next morning, I could see better, but not clear. In the next two weeks, I could see far very well, but I got trouble to see the near, like reading or working on laptop and phone. Its the most frustrating weeks. I told my condition to the doctor who examined my eye after a month, she told me its normal. In the first month, my eyes also felt dry too, I used lots of perspectives free eye drops to ease the condition and it worked for me. I had bought tons of eye drops as the drops from the clinic was only enough for around a week.Now it has been more than one and half years, the fogginess has completely gone, the near sight has been perfect and I have been able to work on the laptop and phone without any problem since the 3rd months after surgery. My sight once reached 20/15 in the second month after surgery, but now it feels to be a standard 20/20.My eyes had been continued to adjust themselves in the first year, and sometimes I was not sure if I would need another surgery again. Fortunately, it feels very stable now. The feeling of dry eyes has been significantly improved since the second month after the surgery. In the first year after the surgery, my eyes get tired slightly shorter than before, especially the dominant eye. Now I dont rely on eye drops at all. My eyes could produce tears without any problems if they are getting tiredWill keep updating if there are any changes of my result to help others make this big decision. Personally I am very happy with the surgery and the final result, and would like to recommend the clinic to others.
4 stars 4
I had a wonderful initial experience with Herzig when I had my eyes done several years ago. However, after coming for all of the follow up appointments I was told there was a gaurantee on my vision so down the road if I needed an touch ups they would be covered. I have called approximately 4 times over the last 3 months and left messages with my contact information. No one has called me back. Very underwhelming service and has led me to leave this unsatisfactory review. Hopefully someone answers my messages at some point soon.Update:After posting my review, Herzig reached out and took ownership of my negative experience. They got me in for my appointment within a week and as a result I have changed my review from a 1 star to a 4 star.
5 stars 5
I cannot say enough good things about this highly professional and caring provider. It was a privilege to have the personal attention of Dr Herzig. It is evident that his passion is to give clients back the vision that is practically attainable. His direct and honest manner was a comfort. The support staff across the board mirrored this mantra. Thank you for giving me back my quality of life. Forever grateful.Ray Hottot
5 stars 5
I am very happy with my results and the staff were outstanding. Even had a lovely hand massage before surgery. 🙂 I would highly recommend Herzig Eye Institute. I love my new vision.
5 stars 5
First class care - or better! - from everyone. I've had blurry vision and glasses since childhood and had been told I wouldn't be a good candidate for laser surgery. But the technology's changed; it's amazing and Dr. Herzig delivered flawlessly. I was promised at least as good vision without glasses as before the procedure with them. Promise kept. I now have better than 20/20 vision! I love my new eyes! Words can't describe how grateful I am. So what you waiting for? Book a consultation and start the conversation!