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5 stars 5
Over two days in February 2022 I had laser cataract surgery for both eyes at the Herzig Eye Institute in Toronto. The COVID-19 virus and its various variants were still going strong but the protocols put in place by the Institute made me feel quite safe to go ahead with the surgery.Beginning with my initial enquiries about what laser surgery entails, to the various tests determining if I was indeed a candidate for laser surgery, to being provided with detailed literature concerning the surgery and face-to-face discussions with Yasmin over the various options I had, what to expect during and after surgery - the good and the problematic - etc. I never felt pressured one way or the other. It was totally my decision to go ahead with what I decided was the best option for me.By the time surgery came I was ready. Each procedural step was fully explained before it was performed and I felt I was in truly capable, professional hands. The surgery itself was amazingly quick and I experienced no pain whatsoever during or after.I cannot be happier with the results and am free of corrective lenses for the first time since I was 13! On the very odd occasion I require reading glasses but those are very few and far between. So thank you to everyone at the Herzig Eye Institute for their care and expertise.Connie M.
5 stars 5
Im taking this opportunity to thank the complete staff at the Ottawa Herzig Eye Institute, it was a great experience. A laser cataract surgery and a special lens put into my right eye on April 7th, 2022. Upon my arrival, you could notice that the staff were friendly and professional and were advised that I was hearing impaired. They were very understanding and immediately made me feel relaxed, they went through all aspects of the procedure and made sure to answer all of our questions beforehand in regards to the Pre and Post Op. I highly recommend Dr. Saama Sabeti who did an amazing job on me, the surgery was painless and had no discomfort at all. When I went home an hour later I was able to read without my reading glasses which was impossible to do before so the procedure was a complete success, even the followup the next day I had no discomfort or pain.I highly recommend the Ottawa Herzig Eye Institute, also Dr. Cassandra Reid Optometrist (Costco Optical Blair Towers) for referring me to the Herzig Institute.
5 stars 5
Great experience doing SMILE procedure for both my eyes. Very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable team throughout. Thankful to get my farsight vision back, highly recommend getting vision correction done here, if ever interested. Thanks, Dr. Moddaber & the whole team.
5 stars 5
My life has completely changed. Never have i looked back since April 2022 when i got the ICL surgery done by Dr. herzig. My vision has never been this good throughout my entire life. Dr Herzig, Sophia (my consultant) and Nicole (the nurse who took care of me on surgery day) were all so professional, awesome and patient. Thank you Dr herzig for improving my vision to what i never thought was imaginable and to your team for being so great. I would highly recommend visiting herzig eye institute to book a consultation as this place is the leader within the industry.
5 stars 5
Extremely happy with the whole procedure from beginning to end. The initial pre-op was well organized and all details were described and carried out as per the schedule. The staff was friendly and put one at ease and carried out all the tests required. The operation was smooth with no complictions and the end result is I can now see clearly with no glasses needed. Thanks to all the staff involved for this wonderful experience. Willma Lang