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5 stars 5
I was quite frightened to have cataract surgery however every step was clearly explained to me in great detail which calmed my nerves significantly.My experience was truly amazing!Every member of the team was very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable.I felt seen, heard and cared for every step of the way.On the drive over for my follow up today I was brought to tears as I could clearly see the street signs long before I came up on them. The plus was everything appeared as though it was in technicolor!So much detail in everything I gazed upon.I havent seen that in years.Although I am a senior citizen now I felt like a little girl discovering a whole new world.You dont realize what youre missing over the years as cataracts are so incremental.I am still early in the healing stage but I am absolutely thrilled to see what each day will reveal to me.A very very special thank you to Dr. Baig.I am eternally grateful to you and your outstanding team.Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.Warmest regards,Joanne
5 stars 5
Seemless and now seeing things clearly and bright at a distance. They scheduled my surgery for both eyes 1 day after the other.
5 stars 5
I had my lense implant surgery 13 years ago in Herzig eye Institute. My lenses still perfect to see everything including able to read and see without glasses. Before the surgery, Dr. Herzig found out I have glaucoma in my right eye. Now my glaucoma is stabilized with daily eye drop prescriptions as suggested. I highly recommend the people with poor eyesight just save and spend money affordable to get visions fixed by Herzig Eye Institute and no glasses needed.
5 stars 5
I was so scared and nervous before my cataract surgery and the nurses and doctor were very understanding and nice and they put me at ease.Also the surgery went well and I am very happy that they made me see better and it was a success. Thank you so much.
5 stars 5
I recently had my SMILE procedure with Dr. Modabber, and Im so satisfied with my new vision!!! Dr. Modabber is very professional and sweet. I feel lucky to choose Herzig eye institute for my eyes.