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150 Bloor St W Suite #210,
Toronto, ON M5S 2X9

5 stars 5
Professional service
5 stars 5
Well organized, very professional and beautiful clinic. Just what I expected from the professionals who work here. .
4 stars 4
The first surgery went well. I developed an allergy to the steroid drops but I persevered and made it through the 4 weeks of eye drops and am looking forward to second eye surgery. The doctors were very helpful and recommended an alternative steroid drop. I would recommend them in the future.
5 stars 5
The cataract surgery was fast and painless.I could drive without glasses the next day.Highly recommended.
5 stars 5
My cataract condition was fully explained to me as were my lens and treatment options in a way that I understood with plenty of time for me to ask questions. The test and lens measurement appointments were on time and conducted by knowledgeable and courteous staff. I had the surgery on site and I was in and out the door within 2 hours. The documentation provided helped immensely relative to the post surgery eye drop regimen. I had a great result and would highly recommend Herzig to friends and family.