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4 stars 4
I am one week post op now and my overall experience at Herzig was really great. I was not a candidate for SMILE or lasik due to my high prescription so I had to go the ICL route. From the consult all the way up to my procedure date two months later everything was explained to me thoroughly. I got to speak with the surgeon multiple times and they answered all my questions. They have really great refractive consultants that you correspond with and who are there to answer qs about pricing, dr note etc. The only reason I docked one star was because the wait times during the consult and my eye measurement day were very long. I had to wait an hour each time before seeing the surgeon.
5 stars 5
Dr. Sheldon, and his entire staff where so great. U der normal circumstances and especially after horrific eye surgeries I had at other institutions. At no point did I feel nervous because they carefully explained everything. The measuring devices they use are state of the art and beyond inaccuracy that is needed. I know this as a fact because I am a product designer and have helped develop medical devices in my career as an industrial designer. I for over 60 years I have suffered with extreme myopia and had I known about how effect refractive replacement lens were, I would have done this sooner. I have never had 20/20 vision before. The best I have had with glasses is 20/35 and even then it would fluctuate to 20/40. All the staff were cheery, professional and genuinely happy. I would recommend the Herzig Eye Institute to anyone who wants perfect vision whether or not you have cataracts or poor vision. Glasses and contact lenses cannot do this to the extent I have seen. The operation was painless and I never once used Tylenol or Advil.
5 stars Recommended
Le service est hors-pair! Jadore.
5 stars 5
Excellent. Quick efficient and exceptional detail to make sure tests and surgery are successfulRod.
5 stars 5
my experience was very good and staff was very nice and made me feel at home