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150 Bloor St W Suite #210,
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5 stars 5
My wife had two cataracts removed recently and asked me to post this on her behalf."Results were excellent, from start to finish. State of the art facility & very professional staff. First class all the way!"
5 stars 5
I came to Herzig because my partner had gotten his eyes done here (SMILE) and mentioned how painless and quick the recovery was. I had done consultations for LASIK, PRK, SBK at previous places and just wasnt confident in the results that they were going to give me, as well as couldnt take the time off required for recovery.Went for a consultation, and I was super happy to learn that I was a candidate for SMILE, and jumped on the opportunity to do my eyes this month.The surgery: The surgery itself lasts a few minutes. Youre awake the whole time, and can see. The machine they use suctions to your eye, and then the lasers go to work. The surgeon will then remove the layer by making a small incision. You dont feel anything really. Maybe a bit of pressure but besides that nothing. Not painful, no smell.Immediately after: I had a hard time keeping my eyes open after the surgery, so had my partner pick me up, and i went straight to sleep. That helped. They give you T3s, but honestly you dont really need them. When the numbing drops wear off however it does feel like your eyes are burning (hence keeping them closed). But this sensation goes away after a few hours.Recovery: you need to take antibiotic and steroids drops multiple times a day for the week after. It has been a week, and I can see excellently. My near vision hasnt recovered just yet, that will happen in a month, but I am back to my regular activities including work. I sit at a computer all day, so that can be taxing on the eyes, but Ive been taking breaks and using my lubricating drops to help. Im super happy with the results so far, there has been no dry eye, or feeling of sand, nothing like that! 100% recommend this surgery. Its the least invasive, and has the quickest recovery. Dr. Modabber did an excellent job!
5 stars 5
I had my RLE surgery done by Dr. Kashif Baig end of Sep in Ottawa. Best life improvement ever. I was born with complicated vision issue, and has being wearing glasses for almost my whole life, and vision deteriorating quickly during COVID. The surgery went painlessly. Post surgery recovery is way better than I anticipated.
5 stars 5
The care was excellent - courteous, efficient and designed to make the cataract operation as soothing as can be desired for a nervous patient. I was very impressed.
5 stars 5
I would recommend the refractive surgery to anyone.