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5 stars 5
I went in for cataract surgery on my left eye recently. Since I had the right eye done a few years ago (at a different clinic) I thought I knew what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised! From initial consultation through surgery everyone at the clinic has been pleasant and amazingly efficient!Dr. Modabber gave me great advice to correct my left eye one diopter nearer. After surgery I was in the recovery room and I was stunned that I could read the text on my cell phone without glasses. I was fully expecting to be dependent on readers for most reading tasks. The vision through my left eye is so sharp and clear, not saying that my right eye isn't good, but the eye corrected at Herzig is above and beyond that.
5 stars 5
Awesome service and quality of work. Highly recommend them.
5 stars 5
One of the best decisions of my life. Smile procedure is for sure the best. No smell, no pain, less than 1 min per eye, flapless. Fast recovery. I had my surgery this morning and I cant be happier.About the institute, one of the best in North America. All the staff are knowledgeable and caring.Dr. Milad Modaber was my Surgeon and I am extremely happy about that. He explained the procedure perfectly before, during and after the surgery. During the surgery he walked me through all the steps one by one which made me feel relaxed. He kept reminding me everything is going well and Im doing great job. Actually he was the one doing the great job. Thanks Dr. Modaber, thanks Herzig team. You changed my life.
5 stars 5
Great experience, great results. Love being glasses free!
5 stars 5
A very positive experience. Started with the initial assessment, followed by the surgery and the next day follow up with the surgeon. Would recommend Herzig Eye Institute to any one requiring eye correction treatment. To date, totally satisfied with the results of my eye correction surgery.