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5 stars 5
I recently had the trifocal lens replacement procedure done at Herzig Eye Institute and was fortunate to have Dr. Herzig himself perform the procedure. This was a very important decision that will affect my vision for life so I did a lot of research to ensure Herzig was right for me. From the initial consultation to the post procedure follow up, it was a great experience and everyone was amazing.I was nervous, but after speaking to Dr. Herzig and listing to him command the operating room with confidence and expertise during the procedure, it was clear I made the right choice. I am very happy I went with Herzig for this life changing procedure. I am looking forward to completing the healing process over the next couple of weeks but the change was immediate. I am free from my glasses and have 20/20 vision!!I am truly grateful to Dr. Herzig and his team of professionals for a great experience and my new amazing eyesight...Thank You!!
5 stars 5
great clinic, great doctors.
5 stars 5
After 70 years of wearing glasses and gas-permeable contacts to correct my astigmatism and presbyopia, and with worsening cataracts I opted to have the Herzig Eye Institute in Ottawa review my situation and recommend a permanent solution. Staff were extremely proficient, polite and helpful in answering all my questions. Earlier this week I had both eyes operated on in less than one hour and the results are beyond all expectations. There was never any pain or discomfort and after 24 hours I could see well enough to drive, read a book and my computer screen without reading glasses, even focus clearly from about 6 inches to infinity!The results are nothing short of miraculous, in my opinion and the staff of the Herzig Eye Institute are to be commended on all counts: on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10 I would rate my satisfaction at about 15! Thanks.
5 stars 5
Superb. Loved it .Great people . Enjoyed it so much that I wanted to have it done again. Only kidding
5 stars 5
Herzig Eye Institute saved the day for me. I was going blind because of cataracts and had to wait over a year to get it done in a hospital. Herzig accommodated me within weeks and fixed my eyes perfectly. The procedures and costs were thoroughly explained to me and I can only say that I am a very satisfied customer.