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5 stars Recommended
3 weeks ago i had Refractive Lens Exchange with the Symfony lenses and i can read the smallest of print at my eye exam and see distances that i have not seen in over 30 years! The procedure was painless and i will be singing the praises of the team and the skilled hands of Dr. SHELDON HERZIG for the rest of my life!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! An huge thanks to Dr. Kirsten Kincaid in North Bay for referring me !
5 stars 5
Just wanted to let every know that is searching for review on the Herzig Eye Institute . First that Im a straight shooter and very picky one at that. I went for a Consultation 10 or 12 years ago in my early 20s and decided to hold off until I was a bit older. I went back for another consultation in march 2018 as I was interested in the SMILE Procedure and found out that I was good candidate. From the moment I called requesting the appointment to the reminder call they gave me. I never had an unpleasant experiance, my practice manager Sophia was very friendly and personable not pushy at all and very Helpfull, I appogise I forget every ones name but every one was very pleasant to deal with and I ask a lot of questions lol even the man himself DR. Herzig busy yes. But not rushed he made sure to answer all my questions. For the Procedure itself took maybe three minutes an eye. Very little discomfort right after, but you have to expect to have some ( nothing major ) I compare it too cutting an onion, but I could see! For the first time with out contacts since I was 12. And the discomfort went away in a cpl hours. The next day I was measured at 20/15 I COULDNT BE HAPPIER I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR HERZING AND HIS TEAM! I would do it again!!Thanks : )Jesse B
5 stars 5
Absolutely would recommend the HerzigEye Institute in Toronto again and again. !! I had the Refractive Lens Exchange procedure done. Texting this now without my glasses first time in 37 years. Everyone here is part of a Professional, knowledgeable, caring and charismatic team Dr. HERZIG is phenomenal! So personable and genuinely caring and definitely knowledgeable. I can see!! Truly a great experience. Thank you to all the Herzig Institute Team!Sophia, please email the pic of me with Dr. Herzig! Thanks! You are a darlin!
5 stars 5
I had the ICL procedure at the Herzig institute this past week, and I have nothing but praise for Dr. Herzig and his team. The institute runs like a well oiled machine that is designed with seamless patient care in mind. Understandably eye surgery can cause quite a bit of anxiety in a patient and much of the experience at Herzig is built around eliminating much of the stress associated with such procedures from how friendly, warm and organized the office runs to hand massages and cookies post procedure. Plus, I was in and out on surgery day in a couple hours in time to pick up the kids. (My case manager Zabi took my schedule into consideration when planning my procedure and because of how well run everything is we were out exactly on time). Everything from initial consultation was just flawless.I'm 4 days post op as I write this and my vision is fantastic, because ICL is immediate I was actually able to work (and drive!) The very next day.I'm so happy I made the decision to come here, I can't recommend them enough.
5 stars 5
My experience was positive from start to finish. Dr. Herzig and his staff are impeccably professional and courteous. I was also impressed by Dr. Herzig's availability to meet on only one day's notice when I asked to discuss details of my upcoming surgery. You can't go wrong with Herzig.