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Excellent medical knowledge and skill sets, caring and competent staff (everyone), organized, punctual, accurate. Top notch surgery. I am thrilled and grateful!
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I recently underwent Refractive Lens Exchange surgery with Dr. Modabber and I am so pleased with the results!Dr. Modabber and the team at the institution are extremely professional and knowledgeable in their field and made this experience very smooth for me. From the initial consultation to my follow up appointment after surgery, Dr. Modabber provided me with excellent care which made me feel completely comfortable throughout this journey.I am so thankful that I have regained my full vision and forever grateful to Dr. Modabber for his professionalism, hard work, patience, and amazing patient care.
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Everyone associated with Herzig Eye institute are total professionals, starting from Dr. Herzig right on down. The surgery was so successful I am on cloud nine. After almost 60 years of wearing glasses, to now only needing reading glasses 2.50, is nothing short of a miracle.
5 stars Recommended
Ok All i can say is these people are performing miracles with top notch care and attention to detail I went in there , i couldn't see far, near or middle, everything was blurry. Went in on Wednesday for consultation, was told that reflective lens (RLE) exchange was the procedure for me. I decided to do it, went the next day to get eyes measured and my appointment made for next Thursday. I opted to do lase catalys which imo was worth every penny. Surgery took less time with laser, next day had better that 20/20, now on third day im typing this on me cell phone no glasses and on top of this, my rle is supposed to give me up to 3' as i opted to do the medium to far vision lenses but im gettin a More
5 stars 5
Ill update this in 6 months post Op, but a day after Smile I was told I have 20/15 vis, meaning better than 20/20. The office was cordial and very professional from the first consult.Theres several layers of checks on your eyes before doing any surgery- the multi level safeguards in place to ensure you are getting the proper type of surgery, at what prescription, and what your current prescription is, is great. All these details instills peace.My surgery was very fast, under 10 minutes from sitting in chair. The Valium+numbing drops means you dont feel any pain. You will feel uncomfortable though. You are absolutely aware and conscious while under the table and that can be scary for some people. You have to understand youre in good hands. No sugar coating, you just need to know you will be aware during the surgery but the doctor guides you through effortlessly.I pray everyone has amazing results- having corrected vision is not easily described with words. Dr. Mod did an excellent job.6 months edit:Today on May 1 2023, 6 months after surgery here is my thoughts and review. My eyes do not experience dryness. No more than they did before surgery- which was rare. Before, I probably used drops once every 5 months from too much screen time. Now, after surgery, as bad as it sounds I forced myself to not use the drops after 2 months so my eyes could heal naturally. They did. I wake up with no dryness, I do not experience any issues from it at all.Vision - My eyes are as sharp as they were the day after post surgery. 20/15. I noticed after a month my right eye was slightly less strong, but my left is the dominant and the difference is small. Upon 3 month check up, they told me there was a small decrease in power by 0.25 which is within the room error. My eyes are still getting used to focusing, this feels like my body memory of having glasses before, they never worked out the muscles to keep focus on certain distances because the glasses did that for me.Other notes - I can see some floaters on my right eye , not my left, and not obtrusive for daily living as they are not close to the center of my eye. Only when I look at a clear sky will they appear. Do your research on this. It's no joke. Eye sensitivity at 9am sunlight is tough. My eyes water a lot without glasses at that time. Which is good, because my tear ducts are working fine after the surgery. I already had sun sneezing before so its the same after. overall this will change your life most certainly. If I would bring any concerns to the doctor at consolation here is what I would say.1. Floaters. Ask them about it and your potential of getting it. Im lucky that mine aren't a problem2. Blue light and post surgery3. Working outside and allowing sunlight into your eye [not looking at sun of course]blessings