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150 Bloor St W Suite #210,
Toronto, ON M5S 2X9

4 stars 4
Overall the experience was a good one. The team was professional and caring and took the time to answer all of my questions prior to my PRK treatment. Where they fell short was in providing enough after care. For the price paid, I truly expected to be sent home with enough medication to get me through the initial recovery phase. I had to had my partner visit the clinic a few days after my procedure to get more antibiotic medication, and had to independently visit a pharmacy for more lubricating eye drops. Whatever the cost difference between providing patients with 10ml of drops compared to 2ml provided seems like a negligible cost difference when charging premium fees. A small shortcoming but one that resonates...especially when it comes to vision treatment. Would love to see this addressed for future patients. Overall a really good experience.
5 stars 5
Absolutely great throughout the whole process! Dr. Bhargava and staff whom I met were very friendly, courteous and truly took their time patiently explaining and guiding me throughout the two-day process.I had cataract surgery done on both eyes and I am very happy with the excellent results.I highly recommend the facility Herzig Eye Institute in Ottawa to anyone in need for the same.Well done!
5 stars 5
Clean facility with friendly and knowledgable staff. The procedure was short and I was well cared for, follow up was a breeze.
5 stars 5
I was so nervous at first to be having lens replacement on both eyes, however the staff, nurses and the doctor were just wonderful - I had nothing to worry about. I have recommended my surgeon and Herzig Eye Institute to anyone who was looking to have this procedure done. A++++ in my book.
5 stars 5
I had the SMILE surgery in August 2020 and I could not be happier with my experience and results.When I began to feel anxious in the operating room right before the surgery began, Dr Baig and the nurses stopped what they were doing to reassure me. They played music I like in the operating room and one of the nurses held my hand. I felt cared for and in good hands.I don't know why I was scared because the surgery was a breeze. No pain, no discomfort, no burning smell... Nothing unpleasant really.Like the surgery, the recovery was quick and painless. The day of the surgery, my vision was cloudy but I could still function. The next day, my vision was excellent. My vision is now better than 20/20. 🙂