Here’s what our patients are saying about us:

150 Bloor St W Suite #210,
Toronto, ON M5S 2X9

5 stars 5
Extremely happy I chose this place for SMILE surgery. Treated me like I was family and will always recommend them. One thing they offer that impressed me, if you don't live in the area, the cost of the surgery includes all follow up appointments with your own eye doctor.
5 stars 5
The staff were well trained and motivated to optimize my experience. The facility was convenient to access, clean, and appeared technically advanced. It was a pleasure to meet Dr Herzig himself. He patiently answered all my questions as he explained the procedures in terms I could understand and mitigated any worries I had. My new eyes are fantastic as I am now free of corrective lenses that I have worn for 65 years. The world is a much brighter place and my golf and woodworking and hiking activities are much more enjoyable.
5 stars 5
I went to Herzig for corrective eye surgery. They walked me through the different options and explain which they believed was the best for me. The staff was very courteous and professional throughout the entire process and I never felt pressured into making one decision or another.The day of the surgery was very well run.I would recommend anyone who is thinking about corrective eye surgery to consider Herzig.
5 stars 5
I went in for an assessment for Lasic eye surgery. The staff is amazing, friendly, informative without being condescending. State of the art testing and treatment. So happy I chose them.
5 stars 5
Received an excellent care from this location. Dr. Herzig was amazing. My surgery was done in just 5 minutes, and I now I have a 20/20 vision. I had very high short-sightedness, to do a perfect surgery I needed someone experienced like Dr. Herzig. The moment he started the surgery I could feel how experienced and knowledgeable he was. Now I can see better than what I used to see with my glasses. My optometrist also confirmed the surgery was perfect. It is amazing how Lasik changed my life, life without glasses is a blessing. All the office staffs are very friendly and helpful. They have kept in touch and helped in my recovery phase. I am very grateful to Dr. Herzig and his staffs. Whoever is planning to do a Lasik, I would recommend Dr. Herzig's Institute without a second thought.