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5 stars 5
When it came time to have my cataracts removed there was only one place I would trust with my eyes. Dr. Herzig corrected a cataract operation by another surgeon that did not go well for my husband. My husband was so pleased with the results, that we use Herzig Eye Institute exclusively.When the laser measuring which is so accurate and the laser removal of the old lenses was explained to me, I knew this was the right procedure. My husband had had the standard measuring done some years ago which resulted in the wrong lens being implanted. The laser surgery softens up the lens for removal so it does not shatter. Again my husband had the lens shatter during surgery.My sight is wonderful after having both eyes done. I would recommend Herzig to anyone I know if they are ready for cataract surgery.Thank you again for restoring my eyesight.Suzanne Hodgson
5 stars 5
I went to Herzig Eye Institute for the "SMILE" procedure to get my vision corrected. I had pretty bad eyesight, -6 in my right eye and -5.75 in my left eye. I couldn't imagine a life without glasses, but I'm happy to say now I can thanks to the wonderful people at Herzig, especially my surgeon Dr. Herzig himself! The operation went smoothly and Dr. Herzig and his staff treated me wonderfully and kept me calm throughout the whole thing, talking me through the process so I was aware of what was happening. I can't recommend them enough, the entire staff made it a really pleasurable experience!
5 stars 5
What a lie changing experience. I had my surgery on August 15, 2019 and haven't looked back (literally ha!). The staff are amazing and were always available to answer any questions I had. The atmosphere is really welcoming and most importantly calming. You barely feel like you are there for surgery at all. The entire experience was completely worth it. Most importantly their prices were all inclusive. No hidden fees for prescriptions or extra visits. I would highly recommend Herzig for your laser eye surgery needs.
5 stars 5
A fantastic experience in every way. The Herzig Eye institute has made the world of difference in my vision. Their professionalism and outstanding medical care and knowledge was refreshing. I highly recommend going here over others. I shopped around and found The Herzig Eye institute to be be a cut above the rest.
5 stars 5
I cannot say enough about the truly amazing service and results from my SMILE procedure. From the moment I was referred to the clinic until this very moment it has been exceptional. Friendly, informative, accommodating, kind AND talented - an exceptional combination. Every single person I encountered was wonderful and genuinely happy for me!I am currently about 2 weeks post surgery and each day my vision is getting better and better. I had monovision so I was told in advance it takes a couple of weeks to a month to get used to it. I had my one week follow up and everyone is pleased with my progress. My eyes are a little dry but it is to be expected and it is starting to taper off now. I mostly need drops when I wake up and after a few hours of work on my computer. All totally manageable.Dr. Herzig was so calm and reassuring during the procedure. He talked me through every step and it was quick and painless - I only took one regular strength Tylenol! I cannot recommend him highly enough.Sophia took the time to make sure I had all of my questions answered and followed up with me to make sure I was happy and doing well. She made the whole experience even better!To call this experience life changing is an understatement. I have had glasses for 34 years with a strong prescription. Waking up and being able to see is still a fascinating experience. I'm truly thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you!