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5 stars 5
I had single eye cataract surgery in Jun 2021 in Ottawa, by Dr. Saama Sabeti, still during the pandemic. I was not even fifty years old when I pretty much lost a vision on my left eye due to the cataract. But what can you do? I was referred to Ottawa hospital by an optician, waited for the hospital call that never came (to this day). So, as disappointed and frustrated as I could be (try to be a computer programmer for graphical systems with only one functioning eye), I contacted Herzig, got a consultation scheduled within a few weeks, then pre-op, and then surgery within another few weeks.I can honestly say Herzig is an A+ smoothly working organization, fully staffed, zero stress, clean environment filled with the latest tech, and the staff is very punctual. When the appointment was scheduled, it was at that precise time, no needless waiting. The surgery was set for a total of 3 hours because of covid protocols, and it was just that. The next day post-op was going to be 15-20 min and it was again exactly that, in-and-out, no waiting for someone tired to show up running between 5 other patients. Everything was explained, nothing was rushed, and no pressure.Going Herzig route you have an option to select the latest premium implants (unlike the ones in hospital covered by OHIP) and I would strongly recommend that because there are now some funky new high-end monofocal with increased depth of field. Also, you can choose the laser option as they can fix some other things with the eye as needed. Thanks to all this I have super sharp and high contrast vision, zero halos, and absolutely no glare - I honestly feel like I have a better vision than I ever had before, even when I was younger. And the colors are pretty amazing! I can use my left eye now as a fully pantone color calibrated reference with a perfect white-balance. Yup, I work on imaging software systems and at 50 years I discovered that white is actually more white than I ever saw. They told me the operated eye is now better than 20/20 so my daughter thinks I am an android, which is certainly a bonus. I was cleared to drive the next day after surgery, of course with those funky protective glasses they provided, which makes other people to open doors for me and scouts trying to help me cross the road despite my vocal protests.So far this was a great experience, even though I was pretty chickened out. (Anything eye-related was a nightmare for me as I had an eye injury when I was little - I honestly couldn't even look at TV if they show something done with an eye). The surgery was really far better than I expected.So yeah, I would not blink twice if I ever need to fix my other eye. And hey, they didn't make me write this review - this was all my idea.
5 stars 5
I was very pleased with everything concerning my cataract removal. Everything was well explained regarding instructions before, during and after the surgery and the staff were very professional and amiable.
5 stars 5
I had a Refractive Lens Exchange done by Dr. Herzig to correct the terrible vision issues I've had for my entire life. From the initial meeting to the post-surgical follow-up, I received incredible care. A shout-out to Dr. Moe Gross for the referral. I couldn't have been in better hands. I am 20/20 now, and it has been life-changing. The team is amazing, the facilities superlative and the outcome was perfect. Wow. Highly recommended!
5 stars 5
I had the SMILE laser vision procedure done (had been hoping for Lasik, but my corneas are thin so this was recommended instead) and I couldn't be more happy with the experience. What lovely, caring and professional staff, up to and including Dr Herzig who did my procedure; I ended up being able to get everything done sooner than expected and the recovery time was incredibly short. I was also gratified to learn that *if* I need any follow-up procedures done in the future, I won't pay out of pocket for them.
5 stars 5
All staff very professional and thorough. Glad I had eye surgery with bilateral trifocal lens insertion. Great results!