Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our mission at Herzig Eye Institute is to transform the way you see by providing you with your best possible vision. By combining exceptional surgical skill with the most advanced and proven vision correction technology available, we aim to give you vision better than you can achieve with glasses or contacts. Your eyes are priceless and deserve the best care possible. Our goal is 100% patient satisfaction. 

It’s no secret laser vision correction has grown in availability and popularity. But when it comes to your eyesight, great care should be taken to understand your options. After all, you are making a choice to trust your vision correction to a specific surgeon. In areas of medical care, particularly the delicate and advanced procedures used in laser eye surgery, there should be no room for compromise.

“Thousands of people from all over the world seeking laser vision correction have trusted the surgeons at Herzig Eye Institute to provide the best possible visual result with the most proven, safe, and effective technology available. It is truly an awesome responsibility and I can assure you, it is a responsibility every member of our clinical and administrative staff takes seriously. At Herzig Eye Institute, we value your trust and make every effort to ensure the highest standards of service and comfort are upheld. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations.” 

– Cherry Tabb, Co-Founder & CEO

Herzig Eye Institute | 25th Anniversary


The Best Option For You

Your eyes are complex and precious. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Herzig Eye Institute specializes in matching the right procedure with the right patient, to help you achieve your best possible vision. Your custom procedure may involve laser vision correction, or one of our other High Definition Vision® solutions. At Herzig Eye Institute, we use only the most advanced and proven vision correction technology to ensure we offer the best and safest option to you.

Excellence in Patient Care

We are committed to providing all patients with quality care from start to solution. From your thorough eye examination and personal consultation with an eye doctor, to ensuring a comfortable and relaxed surgical procedure, to the very finest follow up care during your recovery. 

Your care is of the utmost importance to us. We are also committed to keeping you fully informed. No question is too simple, no concern is too trivial. After all, the more you understand, the more confident you’ll be in making the right decision.

Herzig Eye Institute’s Lifetime Commitment

Your original vision correction procedure is backed by Herzig Eye Institute’s Lifetime Commitment. Our goal is 100% patient satisfaction. ZEISS ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange, and Intraocular Collamer Lens procedures performed at Herzig Eye Institute are covered for a lifetime.

Sometimes our surgeons may suggest an enhancement to your original vision correction treatment. If this enhancement procedure is deemed medically necessary, it will be performed at no extra cost, as it is covered by Herzig Eye Institute’s Lifetime Commitment. 

Because your follow up care is as important as the procedure, you will need to return for the required post-op exams and maintain regular annual eye exams with your primary eye care provider.