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very efficient, excellent care
5 stars Recommended
I had the SMILE procedure done Sept 29 with Dr Lewis and it went extremely well! I feel like a new person. Not needing glasses anymore is such a great feeling! Highly recommend! Great staff, great service from start to finish! I do not have a single bad thing to say about my experience!
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Excellent all around.
5 stars 5
1st of all. expertise in conducting this delicate procedure is superb!!! beyond that the people and the process were highly profession, efficient and reassuring. was a superb experience. wish i had done it earlier
5 stars 5
My name is Emma Shen and I don't know why this account is linked with my husband (Ian Dong)'s name.Before I went to see Dr. Herzig in 2012, I couldn't see close and couldn't see far and I had sever dry eye symptoms. My daily life was not good.After I went to Herzig Eye Institute, my dry eye problem was tackled by their team with eye drops, eye ointment, procedures. After I suffered less from the dry eyes, I had a procedure done and my proper visions lasted until 2022 (10 years.)In April 2022, I had another eye procedure done by Dr. Herzig to let my left eye for looking far and right eye for reading. It took time (around 10 months) to get my eyes adjusted. I am 60 years old and now I feel like my visions have gone back to the visions when I was young (I used to have perfect visions). Every time when I can see everything far and close, deep in my heart, I would always say to myself :"God bless Dr. Herzig and his team". It has been a great experience and I am lucky that I went to Herzig Eye Institute. The monies that I paid are worth every penny.Emma Shen