Under 30 With Dry Eyes?

Dry eye syndrome tends to be more prevalent as we age; factors include women of menopausal age, underlying systemic health conditions and medications that contribute to ocular surface drying. So what’s the source of dry eyes under the age of 30? Here are the 3 most likely causes. Screen use Digital technology consumes much of… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has progressed greatly in recent years. Before the introduction of intraocular lenses (IOLs) to replace a patient’s cloudy lens (cataract), patients had to be satisfied correcting their vision after cataract surgery with very thick glasses or contact lenses. The introduction of IOLs to restore vision as a routine during cataract surgery in the… Read More

SMILE vs. LASIK vs. PRK: What’s the Difference?

At Herzig Eye Institute, our surgeons have access to the most advanced technology under one roof, allowing us to match the right procedure with the right patient. Our surgeons are highly trained, board-certified ophthalmologists with experience performing laser vision correction procedures, including PRK, LASIK, and SMILE. Each procedure is safe, proven and effective, but each… Read More

Creepy Crawly Eyelid Critters

Herzig Eye Institute in Eye Allergy on October 30, 2018

Helen Brandenborg, OD Did you know that our bodies are covered in microorganisms? It’s true! A ‘normal’ bacterial flora is healthy for our bodies but when certain types of bacteria overgrow, or when they grow in places they are not supposed to be, it can lead to problems. Blepharitis, an overgrowth of bacteria near the… Read More

Allergies causing red, itchy, watery, burning eyes? Ways to treat eye allergy symptoms during the summer.

Herzig Eye Institute in Eye Allergy on August 13, 2018

Helen Brandenborg, OD We’re now in the depths of summer! And along with beautiful weather, comes the blooming of flowers and trees sending pollen flying through the air, wreaking havoc for people with seasonal allergies. Do you suffer from eye allergies? If so, you may experience common symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis including: Redness Itchy eyes… Read More

New Vision- A Whole New Perspective Of Life

The wonder of a life changed… to see the world with different eyes… the mind-altering experience beyond comprehension… to anyone who has never experience this phenomenon to see… from dusty rose to bubble gum pink… from yellow to white… from dullness in colour to rich hues to see… from blurred confusion to sharp signs to… Read More