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5 stars 5
I'm a 28-year-old female who had been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 10 years old. My prescription was very bad - my contact lens prescription was approx -6 in both eyes, so I think about -8 for glasses. My corneas are super thin - about 60% as thick as the average person's, which made me a poor candidate for Lasik. Previous clinics had tried to push Lasik on me, even though the more I researched it, the more it sounded like a risky idea for my type of eyes.I went to my first consultation at Herzig at the end of October 2018. The consultation lasted a long time - from what I remember over 1.5 hours. I was impressed with this, because they did a lot of tests - way more than the other clinics had done.In the end, they recommended ICL. None of the other clinics had mentioned this even though it seemed like I was the perfect candidate for this type of surgery (I did a lot of independent research to confirm this). I think the reason is that very few clinics and doctors are qualified to perform ICL. From what I understand, Dr. Herzig has done hundreds of these.I agreed to the surgery and was scheduled in for February 2019. Between October and February, they did several more tests and took SO MANY measurements to make sure my implanted lens would be the right prescription. They also had me go to a retinal specialist to make sure my retina had no minor tears that could affect the surgery.The surgery went 100% perfectly. It took 20 minutes and was painless. Someone else who had had his ICL surgery done within 30 minutes of mine was recovering in the same room as me. He reported the same initial feelings that I had - no pain, quick surgery, and he could already see pretty well (it takes a few weeks to reach optimal levels).My only recommendation is to try not to drive at night for the first 3 weeks or so following the surgery. The halo effect at night was pretty intense for the first week, and definitely noticeable for one month following the surgery. After that, it wasn't really noticeable.It has been almost 9 months now since my surgery and I can see perfectly. I can do anything I want without prior preparation - swimming, hiking on a bright sunny day, extreme sports, etc. It's a wonderful world and I can finally see it for myself! Thank you to Dr. Herzig and all the friendly and competent staff who made this dream a reality!!
5 stars 5
Went in for consultation for SMILE and the process was efficient.My refractive consultant Christina was very helpful, fast, and accommodating with no pressure to go ahead with the surgery.She also handled my pre-surgery referrals efficiently to ensure that I understand all the risks involved for my specific eye condition.I would recommend Herzig for the level of service provided.
5 stars 5
I was blind and now I can see....Thank You Bunches Herzig!!
5 stars 5
Everyone I interacted with were professional, courteous, and thorough. I felt I was in good hands. Dr. Herzig was extremely competent, I felt I was in good hands and the surgery went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Herzig Eye Institute. I had very strong astigmatism in both eyes, and I'm now seeing 20:20 with Intracollamer Lens Implants. Truly life-changing.
4 stars 4
The experience was great from the consultation process to the follow up post-surgery.The support team were well organized and attentive. They did what they could to make patientS comfortable as some patients are quite nervous. I can see without glasses for the first time sine I was 4 yrs. old!!