Herzig Eye Institute in Refractive Surgery on July 26, 2016

As scary as the term “cataracts” sounds, it’s a common condition in the aging process. In fact, all eyes will ultimately develop cataracts if they grow old enough. Fortunately, though, cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures performed today. With more than 175,000 cataract surgeries performed in Canada in 2014 alone, most patients will enjoy improved eyesight — often without the use of eyeglasses — foremost among the benefits of refractive cataract surgery in a private clinic like the Herzig Eye Institute.


Most modern cataract procedures involve the use of a high-frequency ultrasound device that breaks up the cloudy lens into small pieces, which are then gently removed from the eye.

After all remnants of the cloudy lens have been removed from your eye, the cataract surgeon places a clear intraocular lens (IOL), positioning it securely behind the iris and pupil, in the same location of your natural lens.

A much newer procedure, called Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS), can provide many benefits over traditional cataract surgery.

With new advancements in refractive cataract surgery and premium intraocular lenses, many patients can have better vision after Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery than they had before they developed a cataract.

The benefits include:

  1. Unlike traditional surgery, laser procedures are guided by sophisticated software, providing a potentially better refractive outcome—meaning there’s less chance of needing glasses after surgery.
  2. Astigmatism is more accurately corrected with precisely placed curved corneal incisions. These incisions, known as astigmatic keratotomy (AK), can be combined with an intraocular lens (IOL) to more finely tune astigmatic correction.
  3. The circular opening made in the patient’s lens with the laser is 10 times more accurate than an opening made manually. This has the potential to more accurately predict the IOL position in the eye, which ultimately leads to a more predictable refractive result. Using the laser for this step also makes the operation safer with more complex cataracts.
  4. Laser assisted cataract surgery is gentler on the eye. The laser is used to fragment the cataract into microscopic pieces, resulting in 95% less ultrasound energy being necessary to complete the procedure. This prevents excessive trauma and potential damage to the cornea, which is the most important lens in the eye.
  5. Having access to the latest technologies in cataract surgery assures every patient receives treatment tailored specifically for their vision correction needs.


Cataracts are a vision problem that nearly all of us will face. Herzig Eye Institute is dedicated to providing the latest and safest technological advancements for Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, increasing the potential of regaining your full range of vision, including reading vision.

If you are concerned that you or someone important to you may have cataracts, ask your ophthalmologist or optometrist for a referral to the Herzig Eye Institute. If you prefer, simply contact us for a consultation. We’ll examine your eyes and recommend your best course of action.