Continued Care Commitment

We want to hold your hand through your experience.

We are committed to providing a full continuum of quality care from start to solution. From your thorough eye examination and personal consultation with your surgeon, to ensuring a comfortable and relaxed surgical procedure, to the very finest follow-up care during your recovery. Your care is our priority. We are also committed to keeping you fully informed. No question is too simple, no concern is too trivial. After all, the more you understand, the more confident you’ll be in making the right decision.

Your original vision correction procedure is backed by the Herzig Eye Institute Lifetime Commitment.  Our goal is 100% patient satisfaction. SMILE, LASIK, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange and Intraocular Collamer Lens procedures performed at the Herzig Eye Institute are covered for a lifetime

Because your follow up care is as important as the procedure, you’ll need to return for the required number of postop exams and maintain regular annual eye examinations with the ophthalmologist or optometrist managing your care.

Though infrequent, our surgeons may recommend a retreatment to further enhance your primary vision correction treatment, only if necessary.  If an enhancement procedure is deemed medically necessary, it will be performed at no additional cost.  This is what we mean by Lifetime Commitment. 

At the Herzig Eye Institute our commitment is to provide you with your best possible vision. It’s that simple.